Bachelor and Master Thesis in Biochemistry

The Institute of Biochemistry continuously offers projects for bachelor and master theses to students of STEM subjects. The focus of these projects is on the biochemical and structural characterization of proteins associated with pathogenicity processes. We offer students the opportunity to work in individual research groups on current research projects, thereby applying and expanding the knowledge acquired during their studies in practice. For more details, please do stop by for a personal consultation.

What our students say ...

"I felt very well integrated into the team and I enjoyed going to the lab every day. It was possible for me to get to know and practically apply many different methods during my time in the lab."

- Friederike, MLS -

"The supervision was better than expected. There were regular discussions about how to proceed and the possible interpretation of experimental results. Even supposedly "stupid" questions were taken seriously. The atmosphere between the bachelor students was consistently good. We helped each other a lot in the lab and partly explained equipment and techniques. This rounded out the supervision well."

- Andre, MLS -

"Since I have been writing my bachelor's thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry, I have definitely outgrown myself. I have learned a lot of new things as I have been able to use many different techniques in the lab. Every day I can challenge myself anew in the lab, which is super fun. I definitely don't regret going to the Institute of Biochemistry for a bachelor's thesis, and I can easily imagine returning to the institute for a master's thesis."

- Mira, MLS -

"I never thought that I would be able to gain that much experience in my bachelor thesis already. My supervisor dedicated a lot of time and gave me insights into many scientific methods and contexts. Anyone who wants to learn a lot, work on interesting projects and is willing to invest a lot of time is in good hands here."

- Elina, MEW -

"My research internship has remained in my memory especially because of the great experimental freedom. The supervision was excellent, both professionally and personally. In general, I was impressed by the methodological bandwidth and was able to take away a lot for myself."

- Alexander, Trainee -

During my bachelor thesis I was able to gain versatile insights into biochemical research, learn many methods and work independently on a project. It was an exciting and intensive time, which I will remember positively, especially because of the valuable support and the pleasant working atmosphere.

- Hanna, MLS -

We are also happy to arrange direct contact with students who have already successfully completed their thesis in biochemistry. Just get in touch with us by E-mail.


Selected Bachelor and Master Thesis

  • Mira Lettmann - Untersuchung des Aktivierungsprozesses von Cathepsin B aus Trypanosoma brucei
  • Levante Röhrs - Optimierung eines Baculovirus Shuttle Systems mittels CRISPR/Cas9
  • Josephine Franke - Screening of HEX-1 homologous for crystallization in living cells
  • Elina Muriel Guzman – Molecular characterization of human antibodies neutralizing the hepatitis E virus
  • Imke Hinrichs - Molecular characterization of human antibodies neutralizing SARS-CoV-2